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NASA eyes the ocean: How the deep could unlock outer space

It should be a lifeless wasteland. Temperatures are barely above freezing, miles of water apply crushing pressure, and no sunlight reaches there. But the deepest parts of the ocean are actually rife with outlandish lifeforms. Read the full story in Christian Science Monitor

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The Coral Triangle’s dark secret: Life thrives in the deep

Between the Indonesian islands that arc north towards the Philippines, the ocean floor is pockmarked with deep basins and underwater volcanoes. It is an area where oceanic currents collide, tectonic plates die, and species burst forth in a proliferation rarely seen elsewhere on Earth. The shallow areas are best known as the Coral Triangle, where…

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Seamounts Reach a Pinnacle in Upcoming Issue of Oceanography

Lying beneath the ocean is spectacular terrain ranging from endless chains of mountains and isolated peaks to fiery volcanoes and black smokers exploding with magma and other minerals from below Earth’s surface. This mountainous landscape, some of which surpasses Mt. Everest heights and the marine life it supports, is the spotlight of a special edition…

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